About us

CarEggs was started by Todd Ensworth as a result of people at conferences asking about software used at his yard Atlanta European. 

CarEggs was built initially as a tool to speed up the Ebay listing process. When discussing the tool with other yard owners, it became apparent that the uses of the tool extended far beyond just listing parts for sale on Ebay. The tool solves one of the biggest issues in the recycled parts world, knowing which parts to inventory. 

Most yards use the gut instincts of employees or just plain guessing to know which parts to inventory off of each car. CarEggs using data from parts that have actually sold online in order to let you know which parts you need to inventory. This data is not only useful foe knowing what to list but also knowing how to price your parts.

Yards are raving about the success that CarEggs has brought them. Some of the things that yards are loving:

  • Finding parts they had no clue there was a market for.
  • Knowing how to price their parts to sell them online.
  • Finding the right keywords to use in the titles when listing parts for sale online.
  • Knowing which parts to take off the car and which to leave on the car.